19 October, 2017



We understand that time is so important to you and your goods when you choose air freight service, then GLOBALCOM provides you with below transport services so that you can make your own selection:

Door-to-Door: We collect your shipment and deliver directly to your consignee (includes Customs Clearance) at the final destination.

Airport-to-Airport: The shipper brings all goods directly to our dock and we transport the shipment to any customs airport worldwide. We notify local consignee at destination city and provide you with a Proof-of-Arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at destination port.


  • Door-to-Airport: We collect your shipment and will deliver to any customs airport worldwide. We notify consignee upon arrival at the local airport and also provide Proof-of-Arrival notification to you.
  • Consolidation, Time Definite, Small Package, Oversized and Expedited / First Flight Out services available.
  • Full or Part-Aircraft charter solutions to meet your exclusive needs.
  • Hand Carry / Courier Services arrangements to many destinations.
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