19 October, 2017



Since its first appearance, rail transportation has always been a substantial link in the Logistics chain. In recent years, this form of transportation has become one of the top options of businesses, with various outstanding benefits, such as: low and stable cost, independence of fuel price fluctuation, high freight safety, enormous goods volume…

Having great advantages in Logistics field, associated with stable train schedule at top freight stations, such as: Song Than, Yen Vien, Giap Bat… Viet My provides numerous rail transport package, including: consolidating, full container loading, full wagon loading… We transport your goods in various models: Station – Station, Warehousing – Warehouse, Station – Warehouse, Warehouse – Station. At Viet My, we possess a professional and experienced Logistics team who will take care of customers goods with their enthusiastic attitudes. Especially, we can fulfill any difficult shipment, including: high-valued goods, super-weight goods, chemical or dangerous goods… in extremely short time.

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